Munduk Lumbang Accomodations

Immerse yourself in village life with a stay at Ibu Wayan's family homestay. You will be staying at a traditional Balinese family homestead, in a private comfortable room, with western beds, duvets and clean bed linen.

What to Expect

Farmers follow the day light and thus after 7pm the village will be quiet. There is little to do except watch tv, maybe see some gambling in the village, or perhaps you'll have an opportunity to join a ceremony. Or read a book.

Life in Munduk Lumbang begins early. The village women begin cooking breakfast at 5am and the roosters will likely be making noise sometime before then.

The Organic Farm Cafe is just a short walk away so you can take your meals there, or for a spicier alternative try the local food stalls.

The rooms have electricity but no running water. Facilities are shared, with a squat toilet. For bathing, the best option is the nearby hot springs.


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Or: Call/sms Ibu Wayan: 085738041444 for your reservation, or make inquires with The Organic Farm Cafe. Make payment directly to the homestay, as the business is separate from the farm, and the farm does not take a commission.

We suggest you to book a room for 2 nights to get a taste of the village's rhythm.

Price: 200.000 Idr per night per room.

What to Bring?

Toilette paper, if you can't manage without it.

Swimwear & sarong/towel for the hot spring.

A book to pass the evening hours.

Ibu Wayan