The One Day Farm & One Day Surf Package

For Wayan, me, and all Balinese, there is a strong connection between the nature of the Volcano and the Ocean. For Wayan the ocean is his life, for me this village is my life, the ocean is my holiday. Wayan & I fell in love with this traditional village, on the slope of volcano Adeng. But Wayan missed his ocean and surf too much to be full time at The Farm.

One day at the Farm, One day at the Ocean

Wayan grew up with the ocean as first born son in a fisherman’s family. He learned to surf and how to fix boards from an American when he was just 6 years old. I learned to surf in Bali on my 40th (was on my bucket list as well). Wayan is a safe surf teacher and a safe driver.

Are you an experienced surfer? Wayan will bring you to the best spots in Bali and will love to join you.

Do you and/or your kids want to learn to surf? Fun! Wayan can teach you and/or your kids the basics in 1 day.

You/and or your kids will feel so proud! “I was standing up, catching my first wave, in just 1 day!”

  • Understanding your fist board equipment and surf aid procedure.
  • Explanation of the spot with focus on currents, shore break, sets, and the area to be or not to be in.
  • Paddle technique on the sand continues in flat water, paddling through whitewater.
  • Duck dive technique, how to duck dive with long board.
  • Catching the first whitewater and riding it on the belly.
  • Pop up or stand up technique on the sand and continue taking off in the whitewater, riding it straight, starts doing turns, and safety aspects of fall and resurface

The package includes:

One day Surf Tour with Wayan, two sessions a day, time depending on the tide. (meals/drinks/insurance not included)

— & —

One day Seeds of love Farm Tour (transportation with Wayan from and to your hotel included)

Price: 1,225,000 Idr ++ (10% service & 11% government tax) per person, minimum 2 people.

Please note: Bring enough cash in Idr because we don’t have credit card facilities and/or cash machines in this remote area (yet).

Please email, text or call us in advance for your reservations.

We are not open daily because of the many ceremonies in the village, but if possible, we will love to invite you to join us in the ceremony.

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