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The Organic Farm | An Introduction On Ethical Tourism

"Amazing day trip"

After a few days in busy Seminyak we decided to take a day trip to the Organic Farm, best decision of our holiday! Our driver, Wayan, was full of information about Bali and not just the touristy stuff, he was a walking history lesson! His love of Bali made the drive there and back really enjoyable and we all walked away with a greater appreciation for the beautiful place Bali is.

We were greeted by all the staff and given refreshing fresh juices and snacks, yum!! My belly wasn't 100% so they made me a detox drink to help. We went for a tour and our guide was amazing, his knowledge of the area and the techniques used on the farm was extensive and he took us to his family compound and where we met his Mum and young daughter.

We then went back to the main building for a delicious, freshly cooked lunch, again, yum!! Then off to the hot springs amongst the rice fields, a very unique experience.

The knowledge and love all the staff have for Bali made this trip so worthwhile, you see the real Bali and learn so much of it's history and traditions. If we had longer we would've stayed a few nights but even the day trip was so worthwhile. The staff make this a very personal experience and we saw no other tourists while we were there.

Thank you again to all at the Organic Farm Bali :-)

— Jacki February 2015

A special place and special people. A rare and wonderful experience for those lucky enough to find. We hope this fine balance will support you and allow others to experience what we will carry as a special memory for the rest of our lives. We thank you for your vision and your courage to create this space and then offer it to others.

— Jim and Jen, West Australia

seeds of love

Vissa upplevelser är svårare än andra att beskriva. Men jag ska försöka. Vi reste till "The organic farm" som ligger mitt på Bali, långt från alla turistorter mitt ute på landsbygden, och flyttade in för tre nätter. Det var... enormt. En stor upplevelse.

Learning to cook.

"The organic farm" är en plats som kombinerar bekvämlighet/lyxkänsla med organiskt nära-till-naturen-liv. Vi fullkomligt älskade platsen. Mer >>

I thought we were going to stay on the flat road?

Lunch at the farm.

There are some very lucky ducks who have managed to find a farm where they can swim in a lake and know they won't end up on the chopping block, Wayan has told us they are just for leisure not eating. The farm has chickens, rabbits, doves, and frisky rooster who have to be kept away from the others due to their inability to play well. Read more >>

Dear Marjan & Team,

Thank you for being with you and the whole team from the farm – it was a great experience for us. The stay in Sudaji was also great and authentic.

Stay at The Bale.

More photos >>

Our stay we’ll remember a long time. Good luck and greets to the team and also to Brad and Angelina ;-)

— Sandra + Thomas, Berlin, Germany

Terima kasih Marjan dan Wayan,

Thank you for your hospitality delicious food and warm comfy bed. What a great journey we had of getting lost and discovering your paradise. You have created every person’s dream in one short year. Come stay with us in Australia and we will catch some waves together.

— Gail & Lance, Coolum Beach, Australia

The real Bali revised! With all the true and great simple amenities that make you see the true values of life! May this farm be the permanent eye opener and special sanctuary for many people. It has been fantastic being here!

— Violet Amsterdam

Thanks for having us! It was a great adventure that we’ll never forget! The Bale just made me feel like in paradise (although with the Bali Belly). Just incredible night.

— Greetings from the German fires Isabelle & Greta

I think it is something around the 19th August already lost the time here.

I have been around friends. I am sure one of earth’s best kept secrets! What a magical experience, from dawn till midnight nature’s callings, feelings to let you hear what the universe has to show us. I am very thankful and I hope to be back very soon, because it is pretty addictive! Hopefully you can share this with many, many more special people whom will find you! Because this place is a very big gift, and I am so happy to see that Wayan and you find both destinations here, keep up making no-plans. Universe will follow, path or no path, this is the only way to follow!

Thank you so much, lieffies!

— Sandra/Holland

We can’t find the right words to describe this stunning place. It was a once in a lifetime experience!

Thanks so much for having us!

— Julia and Michael

I am not quite sure if I am able to properly experess how thoroughly amazing my trip to the organic farm have been. From the second I entered this village I knew it was going to be special, because after 2 years of living in Bali I have never seen such a beautiful place. Everything from the food the staff the animals the gardens and of course the journey to the Bale is incredibly special. Also the bike ride trough the rice paddies was like something out of a dream. I feel totally fortunate to have discovered this special retreat that I ma thrilled to return to.

Thank you!!!!

— Becky Hormer

There is no shower, no running water…And yet it is the most beautiful hotel room we’ve ever been in! The food, the staff (and the kids), the view, the surroundings etc. etc. And of course you Marjan and Wayan thank you so much for this truly wonderful experience! You haven’t seen the last of us!

Good luck with all the good works. We will try to get you some good students to support you with it!

— Love, Nina & Alex The Netherlands

Niet wetende waar terecht te komen heeft dit mijn verwachtingen overtroffen. Schitterende omgeving, ontzettende lieve mensen, terug naar de natuur. Beseffen hoe weinig een mens nodig heeft. Heerlijk eten en voelen dat je erbij mag horen. Niets hoeft, alles mag. Een bijzondere ervaring om in de buitenlucht te slapen en wakker te worden in de natuur. Tot de volgende keer!

— Ineke Holland

We simply cannot leave, and not just because there are no taxi’s! The people and environment here are so pure and natural that you can take a break from the normal busy world. Even as Bali becomes more touristic, this is still a serene oasis.

— Leon Lubking Holland

Every morning is like waking up in a postcard! The people and the environment are pure and unspoiled, and the athmosphere is very friendly and heartfelt.

Thanks for a great, relaxing stay!

— Rik Lubking Holland

Staying/being here feels like heaven. To see the pure nature of environment, people, culture, organic farm gives us a warm and rich feeling. We learned a lot of two fine pople and their lovely staff (and dogs). Thank you all for having us here and we hope to see you soon again. The only thing we missed was the presence of a goat herd. Maybe next time. And don’t forget the waslijn en de fohn.

— Love, Monique & Jos

Marjan & Wayan jullie zijn heerlijke mensen, puur en liefdevol. Hou die energie vast en bewaar hem voor anderen en jezelf. We hebben genoten van de natuur, jullie waterplaats en vooral van de healing-energy sessie. Ik voelde me net Astrix met 20 druiden om hem heen. De Marlboro die de healer platonisch veranderde in een joint heeft Rens erg goed gedaan. Bedankt voor de mooie leerzame ervaring.

— Rens en Guido/Oesterkoning, Holland

relaxing at the bale

I feel blessed to have stumbled across this slice of paradise nestled into the jungle and the mountains. This was the Balinese experience I yearned for. The setting has been created with love and thought. The Organic Farm iss a feast for eyes, soul and belly!

Yum, yum! I can only hope I’ll be lucky enough to come back.

— Becks Hendriks New Zealand

As I travel around this beautiful world of ours, it seems I am guided to the perfect place for the perfect experience. This has been the Bali experience my heart yearned for. Thank you so much opening the mountain to us and inviting us in to your lovely home.

— Deborah Miller USA

This was the perfecct setting to get back to basics. From the breath taking views to delicious food and warm conversations. The Organic Farm Bali at its best! I was fortunate to spend the holiday with my father. Showing him the simple pleasures Bali has to offer was very special for me. The genuine smiles and big hearts of the staff and owner made our stay extra amazing. I can’t wait to come back.

— Lacy Hall & Michael Hall Chicago USA

Words can not describe the beauty of this place, even pictures can not capture it. So we must experience every day in a “return to paradise” a remembering how humans and nature are always being one. Thanks for making this window and allow many to re-experience the union with themselves, with nature and the gods.

— Love Satya.

Lieve Marjan, zo leuk om je na zoveel jaar weer terug te zien. En dan op zo’n paradijselijke plek samen met mijn grote liefde Sasha. Munduk Lumbang een de prachtige locale bevolking heeft een grote indruk op ons gemaakt. Wayan en jij hebben ons het ware Bali laten zien. Wij weten zeker dat we terug komen. Overal ter wereld zijn ze heel goed in het creeren van afstandelijke luxe voor de verwende rijke tourist. Dit is een grote uitzondering, een plek die, op alle fronten in balans is met zijn omgeving. En gelukkig niet die vreselijke scheiding tussen gasten en localen. De 7 minuten naar onze heuvel vergezeld door Dodi en de honden wordt een wandeling die bij ons in de boeken mag.

Bedankt en veel liefs,

— Hans en Sasha (Amsterdam)

Our cups are filled  thank YOU! With love, pureness, culture, fun, good conversation, great food, a lot of fire flies…and so importantly the confirmation that if you trust life and let it blow you in it’s gentle breeze you do end up where you are meant to be…right now. For us it has been discovering The Organic Farm Bali on the foot of a bubbling Volcanic mountain in Bali. Thank you to Marjan and Wayan and all the beautiful staff , our lives are richer and our journey trough Bali has become unforgettable.

— Camiel and Jen (Holland and South Africa)

One family and a beautiful view. We love it, even though we are here for 10 minutes. I have the feeling this will be 2 very special days.


— Mara, Rudi, Annemarie, Elisabeth, Leo, Rudolf, Laura.

Dear Marjan!

Leiter nur fur 2 tage, wir haben uns herlich gefuhlt! Danke fur das gute essen!

— Annemarie & Rudorlf aus Ostenreich

Dear Marjan, Wayan, Dodi, Du and Kadek,

Driving to Jati Luwih all the signs pointing out “the organic farm” made us curious. With no other plans than getting lost we decided to follow the signs. We immediately had a warm welcome and felt right at home. Great food, comfy bed and great company! But most of all feel we understand Bali and the Balinese better now.

Thanks for a wonderfull time!

— Love, Monique & Jos Robijn & Eric The Netherlands

It’s been an absolute treat to be here. A retreat far from the madding crowd, where life is as it should be, with peace, beauty and time to think!

Thank you Marjan and Wayan for sharing your inspiring journey and pioneering spirits. Not to mention last but not least, the organic food and fabulous meals, each one a surprise. A nourishing experience, all in all, and one 2 hope many more will share.

— With Love, Deborah Australia/Bali

To Marjan, Wayan and The Organic Farm Bali Crew,

Thank you for the kindness, the knowledge, the sharing and the exploration of this beautiful land. Best of luck for future success!

— Elodie and Eric USA and France (living in Singapore)

As we entered this sacred farm, her arms opened wide to embrace us immediately. The sounds, the light, the prana glowing from nature all around. The caretakers of this beautiful place opened their hearts and we were made to feel like family. Each day a new face of the farm was shown. The discovering of myself and of the land was deep. Thank you to the sweet staff, to the animals, the, the neighbors and especially to Wayan and Marjan!!

— Heather O’Quinn USA

A truly unique experience, 2 days has been all to short. The delights from the kitchen, the charm of the walk trough the rice fields to the nearby temple are just the magic of relaxing by our room with the mountain view have all contributed to the fascination and interest of our stay here in North Bali. The Organic Farm concept with the participation of the local farmers is quite remarkable. I hope your project goes from strength to strength.

— Best wishes from Emma and David Letham

Wow, wat een paradijsje! De stress is vanaf het eerste moment verdwenen. En wat een top-verzorging: aandacht, liefde, vriendelijkheid. Ik voel me hier absoluut welkom en thuis. I will miss you all and the food, will never forget you. When I think back of my stay at the farm it will be with love and warm feelings.

Lots of love!!!

— Mariette, Amsterdam

Such a short time in a wonderful place. Impossible to decide what I loved the best. I adored all! THANK you everyone for superp hospitality.

— Lesley, UK

Great food, Great company…Great friends.

— Sang, UK

Na jaren de Bali-belevenissen van vriendin van Erik te hebben gevolgd, zijn we er nu zelf! Dit mee maken is de enige manier, voelen en zien is een “must”. Heerlijk gehad: fietsen, hiken, baden in deze prachtige natuur met vooral de lieve mensen (en kids) in het dorp en op de farm geven ons een onvergetelijke ervaring.

Dan en lots of love to all of you, we hope “tot ziens”.

— Inez en Gijs Amsterdam

Amazing place! Food was delicious. Totally new experience for all of us!

Thank you / Terima kasih!

— Jussi, Niina, Jasmin, Jarkko, Sammeli, Henri, Heta and Essi


We were just curious, followed the sign The Organic Farm Bali and felt in love with this place. (I don’t remember if it was before the coffee or after.

Thank you Marjan and Wayan, Dodi and Du for everything!

— Simone & Esthi, Switzerland

We ended here by accident. Our crappy car couldn’t take us up the road from the hotsprings to Candidasa. But maybe it was meant to be because then we got to spend the evening and night at this beautiful place.

Thank you for your hospitality! The food was superb!

— Sophia, Astrid and Christian, Sweden

Recorriendo esta hermosa region me encontre con una sinal…que fui siguiendo hasta encontrar este lugar muy especial ha sido und placer, un descubrimiento…y un sito para volver y volver. Marjan, Wayan iseguid adelante con esto proyecto! Esto es como un sueno, pero que en la realidad funciona,

Gracias por vuestra acojida en vuestro paradiso!

— Marina/ Sitges Spain