The Organics

We humans, - living in a city or village – every morning depend on our farmers.

Everyday farmers work very hard for our daily food. Yet, they are the least respected and underpaid in the world.

A whole generation of young Balinese is turning away from farming because it is possible to earn higher wages in the tourism and hospitality industry.

I hope you agree with me that we have to pay more respect to farmers (in Bali) and help them where we can!


  • Hotels and Tourism Industry (in Bali) should support and source from the local farmers instead of importing (from Java or abroad).
  • The (Indonesian) Government should take more care of their farmers instead of promoting chemical fertilizers and pesticides. They should give education on dangers of Genetically Modified (GM) seeds.
  • Farmers still spray DDT in Indonesia, forbidden in many Western countries!
  • Decrease tax on farm land and increase tax on building land!
  • Almost all meat in Indonesia is full of antibiotics as the Government is promoting their own animal food industry as their extra income business.

Together with you as our guests we can try to help the farmers to get a better education and entrance to networks to earn a better income.


With what we already achieved in the past years just by connecting enthusiastic village kids, farmers, and guests. I can imagine the villagers, and hopefully the whole Indonesia, won’t have to sell their land, their rice fields and tradition anymore!

The environment in Indonesia can stay beautiful and sustainable, just by being “traditional organic” and paying a better price for the organic farmers produce.

The Organic Farm Bali is just producing “western” organics, like Italian basil, coriander, lettuce, fennel, rhubarb etc. for our Café and Day Trips.

All local produce like spinach, lemon basil, lemon grass, cinnamon, coffee, beans, carrots, cassava, red rice etc we source from the village farmers. Which are all traditionally grown “organic” because the farmers lacked the financials to buy chemical fertilizers and pesticide.

Our small western organics farm is “like a school” for local farmers to learn about western organic products. It’s our aim to help increase the villager’s income in the near future by supplying western & local organic produce to hotels, villas and restaurants. The Mayor and High Priest are already in but it will take time (like everything here in Bali).

From the Farmers I learned the very important lesson: That growing Organics isn't about rules and regulations. Rather, it's about living in trust with nature and respecting all life on the planet!

The real Bali revised! With all the true and great simple amenities that make you see the true values of life! May this farm be the permanent eye opener and special sanctuary for many people. It has been fantastic being here! Love,

— Violet, Amsterdam