The Seeds of Love Tour

"You cannot get through a single day without having an impact on the world around you. What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make."
— Jane Goodall

Tours and activities all start and end at The Organic Farm & Cafe
Senganan, Tabanan
82191 Bali Indonesia

10:00 am

The arrival in our cozy all black and white The Organic Farm Café with a freshly brewed organic coffee or mint/lemon grass/cinnamon tea or seasonal juice with honey and a traditional snack? Or would you like to try an organic traditional detox drink?

10:30 am

Visit a traditional Balinese compound and discover small farm tracks

See how villagers still cook in bamboo huts on wood fires, how the men love and hug their roosters for cockfights more than their wives, see how the woman are carrying all goods in baskets on their heads, visit the village market where all produce is collected for the middlemen, when you are crossing the village.

The local guide and farmer will explain about local fruit trees, like Durian, Mango, Avocado, Palm Sugar Trees, Coffee etc. You will learn about local produced Pineapple, Ginger Flower, local Spinach and Chayote etc. etc. Try how heavy the basket of grass is the farmers are carrying to feed their cows?

Would you like to have a short-cut or a rest? Just tell your guide! It’s Your Holiday! Cow houses with a resting place and short cuts everywhere! The farmers will love to have you around, being proud to be on your pictures with their produce, or cow, or kid!

Lunch Time:

Your well deserved delicious 2 course farm to table organic lunch will be waiting you: Yellow celebration rice or Pumpkin- or Tom Kha Gai Soup, dark brown bread, salad with eatable flowers, spinach omelet, homemade rice pudding, pancakes or ice cream, local snacks and juices. All fresh from the garden and home made.

Plant your fruit tree for the Villagers:
Plant your fruit tree, accompanied with your message for the villagers on a bamboo stick along the road from which the next generation can “pick the fruits” to eat or to sell. For sure there will be kids around who love to help you with it. We will supply you the tree and the bamboo stick.

13:00 pm

In the afternoon you might decide to visit the Air Panas hot springs or famous heritage rice fields of Jati Luwih? They are both just a few minutes ride away.

Price: 500.000 Idr per person which includes 50.000 Idr donation for farmer kids projects - giving heart community - you find details on instagram.

Please note: Bring enough cash in Idr because we don’t have credit card facilities and/or cash machines in this remote area (yet).

What to bring & wear?

Swimwear & sarong/towel for the hot spring. Your water bottle that we refill with filtered spring water for you. All tracks can be done on flip flops/trainers or even better, like the farmers do, bare feet! Forget about your high heels, wifi, and pedicure!

Please email, text or call us in advance for your reservations.

We are not open daily because of the many ceremonies in the village, but if possible, we will love to invite you to join us in the ceremony.